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Koolbol Baseball Cooler Game User Guide

Welcome to your new Koolbol Baseball Cooler Game, the ultimate companion for your outdoor activities and gaming fun. This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up and enjoying your product. Please read carefully to ensure safety and longevity of your cooler game.


Setting Up Your Baseball Cooler Game


Unpack and Unfold: Start by unfolding your Koolbol, which arrives in a compact, collapsed form for your convenience.


Unfasten Buckles: Locate all four buckles on your cooler game and undo each one to release the folded sections.


Shape the Backpack: Unzip the cooler compartment located at the bottom and place it inside the Koolbol to give it shape and provide stability.


Adjust Backpack Straps: Before filling, adjust the backpack straps to ensure comfort and a proper fit when carrying.


Packing Tips


Loading the Cooler: Fill the cooler first. Please use ice packs as the cooler's zippers are not leakproof. If you opt for ice, remember to carry the cooler outside of the Koolbol.


Using Ice: Should you use actual ice, place the cooler back into the Koolbol only during gameplay. Always empty the ice before transport to prevent leaks.


Organizing Essentials: For an orderly packing experience, consider using a separate bag for your essentials. This can be removed when it's game time.


Playing the Game


Access the Front Target: Unzip the front target panel and uck the flap underneath the Koolbol to prepare for play.


Access the Top Target: Unzip the top target and tuck the lid inside the Koolbol to prepare for play.


Additional Features to Enjoy


Cooler Capacity: The 14 can cooler is both removable and equipped with a handle, making it easy to transport and manage.


Water Floatation: The cooler is designed to float, adding to the fun during water-based activities.


XL Backpack: The extra-large backpack is meant to carry not just the cooler but also your day-to-day essentials with ease.


Care & Maintenance


After use, ensure your Koolbol is clean and dry before collapsing it for storage. Regularly check for wear and tear, especially on buckles and straps, to prevent any surprises during your next outing. With proper care, your Koolbol Baseball Cooler Game will provide endless fun and functionality.Thank you for choosing our product. We hope it brings added enjoyment to your games and gatherings! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


Julian L


Great way to improve hand eye coordination while getting your swings in

Chad M


Fun yet challenging. Still working on level 5!

Eddie F

Family Man

The ease of setup and the portability factor is what we were looking for as a family.

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