Logos, Lifestyles, and Creating Weird Impressions on Amazon

When someone who has never heard about Koolbol finds us for the first time on Amazon, it’s forgivable if they think we sell bright blue backpacks with coolers inside. Those people are mostly right, at least in a technical sense – bonus points if they realize we’re a ball game too. It’s those folks I spend so much time thinking about. Because whether or not they see the value in a product like ours is almost beside the point. That’s because Koolbol isn’t really a product. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a state of mind. That’s the impression I want people to walk away with. If they’ve only ever seen us on Amazon, I’m afraid that might not happen. To me, Koolbol is a good time with friends at the beach. It’s a block party. It’s a backyard BBQ with family. It’s waking up early just to watch the sunrise. It’s staying out an extra hour to watch it go down again. That’s because I’m not selling a product – I’m selling a lifestyle. And it’s not just any lifestyle. If I have to tell you what that lifestyle’s about – staying active, positive attitude, saying yes to new experiences, and embracing every day to its fullest – well, then I’ve already failed. Several months ago I realized I was failing. Not just in business – I was failing to live the very lifestyle I so badly wanted to share with others. I wanted to go help others when my own backyard was a mess. I’ve tried a lot of things to make Koolbol a success. Some worked. Most haven’t. That’s to be expected. There for awhile it was starting to get more frustrating than normal. That frustration was lingering below the surface of everything I did. I carried it with me everywhere I went, and it was written there on my face all day long. That’s not a great feeling to live with. Worse, that sort of negative energy will eventually boil over. From there it’s either burnout or self-destruction. I felt something coming… and it didn’t feel like success. There’s got to be a way out of that – and luckily, I found mine. For me, nothing is more energizing than spending quality time with people living the lifestyle Koolbol represents. That’s what fires me up! The more time I get to spend creating positive experiences, the more I feel like I’m on the right track. In the spirit of that, this week I posed a question to everyone I met – friends, family, connections, strangers I met on the street – and asked them a very important question: which logo do you prefer? When you’re selling a product, brand is important. When you’re selling a lifestyle – well, there’s nothing proprietary about that. Brand is all you’ve got. I’ve been thinking about Koolbol’s for awhile now. Personally, I love the old logo. But I’ll be the first to admit it’s busy. Highly symbolic of the lifestyle I want to create, it wasn’t immediately clear to others. If I showed it to someone, I couldn’t then ask them to sketch it five minutes later. Not so with the new logo. It’s sleek. It’s pointed. Most of all it’s memorable. It captures the energy we’re trying to create. And over 90% of you voted for it! Hey, I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong. So thanks to everyone who got involved and helped me see the light. You all are what Koolbol is about.

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