Koolbol the competitive drop and play football, baseball and soccer game backpack with a 14 can cooler. Play a variety of fun and competitive balls games and enjoy your favorite beverages while the game is on! Koolbol even carries all your gear making it the perfect complement for all outdoor activities.  Whether you are going to a backyard BBQ, the beach, tailgate or sports field, Koolbol provides the fun and the convenience!

EASY TO CARRY – designed as a portable and light weighted backpack with a removable and floating 14 can cooler. Its adjustable padded straps free up your hands on the go. You can bring all your belongings and even sport balls and a collapsible chair.

EASY TO STOREKoolbol collapses flat with adjustable buckles for easy storage and traveling. Now you can take your summer games on vacation!

ULTRA DURABLE – Tough athletes, crazy kids, rowdy friends? Koolbol is ALWAYS THE WINNER against the worst beatings with 900D water resistant & dura force scratch free nylon.

UNIVERSAL GOAL - Koolbol can be used as a goal to play any ball game. 



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