Step 1 - Draw a 12ft x 10ft chalk court. Then draw a vertical line through the court to create two 6ft x 4ft courts

Step 2 - Place the Koolbol 8ft away

  • Two players stands outside their 6ft x 4ft court

  • A third player would stand behind the Koolbol

  • Each player gets 5 serves and rotates clockwise Flip a coin to see who goes first

  • All serves and volleys must land in your opponents 6ft x 5ft court

  • After the 4th volley the server goes for goal

  • Hit – 1 point  

  • Top Pocket – 2 points

  • Front Pocket – 3 points

  • If the server misses the goal, the player behind the Koolbol has one bounce to STEAL the servers point. After a steal the players rotate clockwise

  • Play to exactly 21, with the last server still having a chance to tie the game. Go over 21 and go back to 15.

Koobol logo_justball.png
koolbol logo_descriptiononly.png