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Koolbol JOINS HANDS with the COMMUNITY; Some say your hand is even more important than your eyes; it touches everything in life, giving love, peace, happiness and brings thought to life in a way the eyes never could. Your eyes observe yet like loyal Koolbol customers your hands take action. They make things happen. They bridge the gap between talking and doing. They complete the circle of life. So, we created unique games to enhance your lifestyle allowing you to skyrocket your joy, move your body, and bond with friends, family and even strangers, one powerful hand movement at a time.


Koolbol is SPIRIT OF GLOBAL LOVE & GRATITUDE; From Fort Lauderdale to Costa Rica to San Diego to our charity work in the Dominican Republic and beyond, nothing is more humbling than hand-delivering Koolbol and Handbols to children who need more fun in their life.


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