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  • The offensive team is pitching and bunting

  • The main objective is to the throw a great pitch to the bunter allowing them to bunt the ball into the Koolbols targets.

  • The pitchers mound is 20ft from the Koolbol

  • The bunters box varies based on skill

          Beginner - any distance from the Koolbol 

          Novice - 3ft from the Koolbol.

          Expert and Official Tournament Play - 5ft from the Koolbol.

  • The bunter must keep his back foot on the box or on a beer can when bunting.



  • Throw a good pitch to the bunter so that the can deflect the ball at the Koolbol.

  • Games are typically played to 3,6 or 9 innings. Confirm the amount of innings prior to starting. The most runs after said innings wins the game. 

  • Hit the Koolbol - 1 run

  • Top target - 2 runs

  • Front target - 3 runs

  • Ball holder - game winner


  • A bad pitch or bunt is considered an out.

  • The out count restarts after a 3 run bunt 

  • The pitcher and bunter switch after 3 outs 

  • the teams switch from offense to defense After three more outs



  • After each player has been the pitcher and bunter the inning is over.

  • In Expert play the Koolbol moves each inning. starting on the left and proceeding to the center and right side. The 4th inning starts back on the left side.

  • This movement is designed to make you an accurate bunter in real game situations.



  • The main objective is to catch a fly ball or earn points by slapping a fly ball to hit or go into the Koolbol

  • Catching a fly ball is an automatic 3 outs 

  • Roam freely in front or in back of the Koolbol.

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