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Can You Beat The High Score?

1st wins $100 , 2nd & 3rd win a Koolbol (v1) 

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The Backpack Cooler That Let's You Play Baseball Games

Koolbol is the thrill of a baseball game combined with the convenience of a built-in cooler and the practicality of an ultra organized backpack. 

Enter The Monthly Challenge  

Eliminate the Hassle of Multiple Bags

Keep all your gear for the day neatly organized in one place, with your favorite game and drinks easily accessible.

Improve with Every Game

Hone your baseball skills with every pitch and swing, and measure your progress through our precision challenges.

Cooler Game for Ultimate Convenience

The cooler accommodates 12 cans and features leak-proof zippers. Integrated into the game setup, it ensures easy access to refreshments during play, enhancing convenience and enjoyment.

Portable Design for On-the-Go Fun

The portable design makes Koolbol perfect for bringing baseball fun to your backyard, park, or beach. Its convenience stands out, allowing playtime anywhere without the hassle.

Quick Setup for Instant Fun

Setup’s a breeze with Koolbol. Just unzip, and you’re ready to go. 

Get an exclusive discount!

It’s your lucky day! Reserve your Koolbol before everyone and get an exclusive discount!

1st wins $100 , 2nd & 3rd win a Koolbol (v1) 

Thanks for submitting!

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