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The Ultimate Backyard Games Challenge

You're with your friends and looking to play some games..

But here's the kicker - everyone likes a different sport...

Typically, you'd be stuck playing just one game. But not with Koolbol!

With Koolbol, you and your buddies create a multi-sport challenge. Each player gets to choose a game from our collection or even invent a new one. The possibilities are endless.

So if you've got 4 players, gear up for 4 games that will decide the ultimate winner.

Team up or fly solo and show them who's boss!


Koolbol - it's not just a game, it's a game changer.


Grab yours today and turn your backyard into the ultimate sports showdown.


Unleash the Game Changer in You!

"The Swiss Army Knife of Backyard Games"

Koolbol 2.png

Golf & Bounce Game Winner &

Small ball pocket

Extra large backpack

Top Target

4 buckles to collapse

Strong Zippers

Water & Scratch Resistant 

Mesh Sleeve

Mesh Footwear Compartment

Zipper Balls Compartment

Mesh Sleeve

Wet clothes & Pool Noodle 

Front Target

Zipper Compartment

Bat & Golf Club

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